Who We Are

One Plus God Ministries is a missions organization that plans and organizes short-term missions trips, supports missionaries, and holds local retreats to encourage a mission mindset every day and everywhere.

Short-Term Mission Trips

Something that sets us apart from other ministries is our personal relationships with all our missionaries and team members. We plan short-term mission trips to ignite a passion for international missions.

Support Missionaries

One Plus God Ministries would like to come alongside you in your choice of where to make your spiritual investment. We have taken the time to investigate each of the missions areas presented here with the greatest care.



“From the life altering missions trips, to the faith building retreats, One Plus God Ministries is doing its part as the hands and feet of Jesus to spread the good news and empower His people. Their leadership and staff understand that being a follower of Christ means to be in missions everywhere. If you’re looking to step out in faith, shake up your life and get a new, Christ centered, Biblically focused perspective, OPG is the ministry for you!”

Eileen McMahon

“My husband and I have developed such great relationships through this organization. They absolutely love Christ to the depths of their souls. If you have ever considered a mission trip, this group is 100% the group to go with!”

Kim Schilling

“One Plus God Ministries has enabled me to more fully understand ‘The Great Commission’ and become involved in it with my own life. This ministry helps people to act on their faith, and go into the world to help and spread the Good News. I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

Jerry Polley

“I am so thankful to be a part of how God is using One Plus God in Marion, Ohio, and the world. I have grown in my faith and understanding of God through the studies Pastor Wayne has given at different locations in town. I feel included in what God is doing through this ministry, and it makes me excited to be a Christ follower!”

Becky Gaffney