Loving the Least of These Ministries International


Loving the Least of These Ministries International (LTLT) was founded in 2018 by Tonya and Darin Kucey. Matthew and Kenedi Cross began working with LTLT in 2022, thus beginning the ministry’s connection to OnePlusGod.

LTLT’s focus is ministering to children who live on the streets of Haiti. The ministry has 3 segments:

  • SWAG (Saved With Amazing Grace) school, where about 85 street children from a gang-controlled, voodoo temple area receive a free education and a meal
  • A growing Saturday kids’ church reaching about 200 street children with the Gospel
  • Outreach to over 100 street kids from Haiti’s most dangerous area, Cité Soleil, throughout the week.

LTLT also visits Haiti’s only juvenile prison when resources are available, bringing the Gospel, food, love, and hope to the children incarcerated there.

Ministry Need: $5,000 monthly

How do I contribute?

  • You can make a one-time donation.
  • Kindly also consider any amount as a monthly donation.
  • Simply go to DONATE, and select, “Global Missionaries”, choose “Haiti” as your country, and select “Loving the Least of These Ministries.”


Port-au-Prince, Haiti


To educate, equip, and empower children by providing food, schooling, and the Gospel message so that they may be rescued, redeemed, and restored.

Interesting Facts:

  • Most of Haiti runs on Haitian Time, with a common phrase being “map vini.” Its literal translation is “I’m coming,” but its meaning is, “I’ll be there sometime.”
  • Haiti only has one juvenile prison, and they do not have enough uniforms for the children and often run out of food, toilet paper, and other necessities for the inmates.
  • The current Creole translation of the Bible is not the best translation, but 2 more are in the works!


  • Haiti has more kidnappings per capita than any other nation in the world.
  • Gangs control much of the nation, including about half of the capital city of Port-au-Prince, which has caused most missionaries, including Matt and Kenedi, to have to leave.
  • Often, parents who can’t provide for their families send their children to live and work on the streets, washing cars or directing traffic for tips. These children are vulnerable to gangs who will “take them in” and pay them to commit crimes.
  • The president was assassinated in July 2021, and since then, there is no real government in place.


  • To see children off the streets, out of gangs, into school and church, and just being kids
  • To one day have a facility that serves as housing, a school, a chapel, a cafeteria, a trade school, and a gym for these children


Funding to cover the feeding program, salaries of the all-Haitian staff, supplies for the school, and necessities for the street children we serve.

Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom to guide, teach, and disciple the children we minister to
  • Wisdom in decision making as Haiti’s political climate continues to heat up
  • Protection for our Haitian staff, friends, and street children
  • Boldness to share the Word of God
  • Peace both personally and in Haiti
  • For gang leaders, corrupt police officers, and corrupt government officials to come to Christ

Fun Ways to Give:

  • $145 feeds our school children lunch for a day
  • $150-340 pays a staff member’s salary for a month
  • $270 brings a meal and the Gospel to the children of the juvenile prison. We would love to find someone who could make this happen on a monthly basis!