This book is about a meerkat, named OpieG, who travels on mission trips to different countries. “OpieG goes to South Africa” is the first book in the series of OpieG’s adventures around the globe. The purpose of this series is to plant the seed for missions in the hearts of children, while sharing in OpieG’s adventures in a new country. It is also directed on Christian character building: Each book will focus on a different characteristic – this first book is about Contentment.

Interesting facts about OpieG’s “birth”:

  • Pastor Wayne (founder of One Plus God) was standing in a store in Knysna, South Africa, with his wife, Somari, looking at some animal characters that an artist made out of clay. The meerkat caught his attention, and in that moment he felt God move in his spirit that One Plus God should use the character of a meerkat to catch the attention of children for God’s mission to the lost.
  • Back in the States a brainstorming team got together to flesh this out, a whopping 3 years ago on a Sunday afternoon of July 14, 2019! We also discussed a name for our meerkat – Joe Neal Horn was contacted, and he sent, amongst others, also the name, “OpieG”. Later at a Board & Volunteer Retreat we pondered this more. Robin Owen was reminded of young “Opie” and his adventures in “Mayberry” as she watched the Andy Griffith Show as a child. Robin says, “OpieG seemed like the perfect name for the meerkat with his adventures traveling the world and learning lessons much like Opie did so long ago in the 60’s in fictional Mayberry, NC”. From different directions God led us to OpieG – everyone loved the name…it stuck!
  • Bringing OpieG to life was indeed quite the process. None of us have ever published a book, so it was an interesting journey to say the least, but definitely also a God inspired and Spirit led one – three years in the making, and today we are so proud to present to you the first of hopefully several books, “OpieG goes to South Africa”, with “OpieG goes to Israel” already in the making!


Annalie Riekert, was called to full time missions in 1994. With a dedicated team (currently 45 members strong) and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Ministry Through Movement is celebrating its 28th anniversary in 2022.

She is a widow with two daughters, Natasja and Corlene. The Lord has also given her a son-in-law, Clive, a granddaughter, Robin, and a foster grandson, Lebo.

When asked about the experience of writing her first book in the mission series of OpieG, she replied:

“I have learned through raising my own two kids and working with 1000’s of kids over the years, that children learn the best with stories. Also, we are reminded in Deuteronomy that we should talk to our children day and night about God’s commands. What better way to talk to children about God’s Great Commission than with a story? And through my observations of the mission teams and interns from America visiting Ministry Through Movement here in Witbank, South Africa, I saw the impact that these visits had on these teams – and I just wrote about all this through the eyes of a child.

I believe this book, and the ones to follow, will plant a seed or ignite a spark for missions in children’s hearts. That is the goal!

That is my prayer now! That every person that reads or hears this story of OpieG who went to South Africa, will cultivate the seed and fan the flame.”


Yvette de Beer had a big dream to write and illustrate children’s books and being published internationally since she was a child. She studied fine arts with a honors degree in art education at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. After getting married she moved to Witbank, South Africa, where our author, Annalie Riekert also lives and serves in full time ministry! Is it not amazing how God put things together!

Yvette specializes in children’s book illustrations and is a member of an international organization, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She gives art classes, has a leather handbag range, and has done illustration work in the mining industry, children’s educational publishing, medical illustrations and many more. Yvette loves to paint in oil, water color, gouache and acrylics, and combine these with digital techniques.

Yvette can be found on Instagram, #exentricart #exentricbags, and www.exart.co.za.

When asked how she would describe her experience of illustrating this particular book, her response was:

“Working on the OpieG project has been such a pleasure and journey. From designing the characters in the actual setting where the story takes place – the Shamwari4Jersus school, the township that the One Plus God team visits, and the Kruger National Park – to designing the activity book was so special, because it reflects a real part of South Africa that needs help. Bringing the story and need for mission awareness to the public is truly a calling, and working with this amazing team – with their dedication and pure souls – has been a deep and profoundly spiritual experience for me.”


OpieG has been showered with praise! We are so pleased to share some of the initial responses to the “OpieG goes to South Africa”, the first book in this series of mission books by One Plus God.

“I worked in the children’s section of a Christian bookstore for 4 years and read every book on the shelf. There was never one about global missions. This is such an important topic for kids to learn about, and OpieG is a great teacher.” – Kenedi Cross

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