Who We Are

Mission Statement 

One Plus God Ministries is an interdenominational, global organization that shares the Gospel in word and action, supports missionaries and provides people with opportunities for growth through serving.


One Plus God Ministries is all about MISSIONS.

We want to transform God’s children to live missions minded, every day, everywhere.

How do we get you there? 

We use 4 missions principles — Inspire, Nurture, Connect & Impact –working together like 4 integrated gears. It doesn’t matter where you start, or even in which order you start to apply these principles to your life—all that matters is that you aim to make all 4 of them a consistent part of your life. Allow us to:

INSPIRE a missions mindset by providing incredible opportunities to join a missions trip to any or a combination of 8 different countries in the world;

NURTURE a missions mindset through our retreats, seminars, conferences and Bible teaching right here in the United States;

CONNECT you with missionaries globally to build missions bonds that will last forever;

IMPACT the world through partnering with YOU!

Follow this missions plan and soon you will realize: I’m thinking differently, I’m living differently, I’m now a disciple of Jesus living missions minded, every day, everywhere!

Trip prices include airfare!

Sufficient Training!

You’re never alone!

Gain friends
for life!

What makes OPG UNIQUE?

One Plus God Ministries is a mission trip planning organization, but that is not all we do! We are founded on the belief that a mission trip shouldn’t be a one-time experience so we do everything we can to help encourage you to build on the lessons you learned during your trip. We offer retreats and online teaching so you can remain encouraged and connected. We also emphasize relationships with the missionaries you visit and encourage you to remain in direct contact with them. We do this so that you will support them in prayer and so that they become part of your faith family. Many other organizations are not with you the entire process. They often require you to book your own airfare and meet you there. We feel it is important to walk with you every step so we include airfare in our prices and do all the coordination and planning for you. We also have several training sessions before your trip to foster relationships with other team members and make sure you are spiritually and physically ready to go! The One Plus God staff has been trained in several areas to make sure you are well taken care of. We feel this makes us unique and we hope you feel the same. We can’t wait to GO on a life long missions journey with you!