One Plus God Ministries is dedicated to present Causes to donors that have been screened ahead of time to ensure that you support ministries/projects that will truly make a Kingdom size impact to the glory of our God. The leaders/workers/benefactors of these projects are all accountable to One Plus God. Furthermore, all of these projects have a missions focus. In other words, the outcome of these projects should enable people/ministries to be more efficient in the harvest, or challenge people/ministries to get more involved with bringing the harvest in! This is in alignment with the vision of One Plus God that every believer should live missions minded, every day, everywhere.


Core Support – One Plus God Ministries Core support allows us to maintain the ministry and all its behind the scenes needs.

Did you know?

Missionaries – Did you know that by selecting this Fund you can easily choose from one spot to support any of the missionaries who are in partnership with One Plus God?

Don’t See Your Project Here?

Other – Please go to our donation page and under “Select Fund” please choose “Other” then type in your request/project.

You are always most welcome to ask more about any of these projects, or to invite a One Plus God staff person or representative over to share more about any, or all of these special projects. Simply send an email to

Serving Christ alongside the workers in the harvest!