Mark Shoaf


Mark Shoaf is currently a Professor of Business at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.  He formally worked with the Dial Corporation and Wyandot Snacks as a Production Area Manager. After 36 years of service with the United States Air Force, he retired as a Lt. Colonel in 2017.  He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management in 1987, MBA in 1995 and a Doctoral Degree in Organization and Management in 2005.


Mark received his career start in the military.  Spending most of his life serving his country in one form or another, helped him to realize the importance of a relationship with God.  In his later years of military service, he transitioned to National Guard and Reserve service.  This allowed him to move into industry and he worked in production management.  After nearly five years in this field, he returned to school and briefly started his own business in light construction.  Still not feeling fulfilled, he discovered something that he never felt would have been his vocation.  Mount Vernon Nazarene University (then college) was looking for someone with an MBA and teaching experience.  It just happened that he had recently completed his MBA, and he had experience in the classroom in the military.  Since this was not something he had pursued, he knew it was God’s plan for him to teach at a Christian university.  He has been doing so for the last 28 years, and it is in this capacity that he started to feel the calling to be part of the mission’s field.  He sees his vocation as a way to reach people for Christ, and the natural fit with One Plus God was inevitable!