GOAL AMOUNT: $16,000

Construction of the building in the “Mango Tree Village” (Dumay) in Haiti had started in 2016. Since then we had bought the land, construction started shortly afterwards, and now we have a two level building. On ground level we have a fully functional church which we cannot praise God enough for. On the second level we are hoping to have 9 more rooms build that will be used as a Training Center for Bible classes, vocational training and just normal schooling for kids.

We already have the teachers lined up! Please help us to get these 9 rooms built so that some great training can start!

Each classroom will cost $1,778 to complete.

This is a breakdown of the budget for all 9 classrooms:

6000 cement building blocks $3,500

2 Ton ½ rebar $2,500

1 Ton ¼ rebar $1,000

½ Ton 3/8 rebar $1,100

1 Roll wire $140

3 Cases of nails $170

3 Trucks sand $750

3 Trucks river sand $850

3 Trucks gravel $550

300 Bags of cement $2,800

Gas for generator $80

Engineer $560

Haitian Workers $2,000 for 2 weeks

*This budget covers walls and columns for each room, not the roof which will be metal, and done when all the training rooms have been completed.