• Financial Detail
    • $24,000 – Salaries and Ministry in Bangkok
    • $9,000 – Outreach ministry in Mae Auk Palroo and Karen State
    • $12,000 – Jennie’s ministry
  • How do I contribute?
    • You can make a one time donation.
    • Kindly also consider any amount as a monthly donation.


  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Mae Sot, Thailand
  • Karen State

Pastor Ben Sungpet is the founder of International Bible Church Thailand and planted the church in 1998. Since then they have built a church, two schools, have a foundation up north, and continue to grow the ministry by going out into the communities.

The Wisdom Foundation equips believers at IBCT (International Bible Church Thailand) to be spiritual leaders to serve the Lord through Bible study groups, worship services, and leadership training camps. The purpose of a strong leadership program is to equip the believers to go out into the harvest to where the non-believers are and be a witness unto them. We pray as we live out His Word daily that people’s hearts will be drawn to the True Savior and their eyes be opened from darkness to light.

We have several different ministries under the umbrella of “Duang Punya Foundation” translating to English “The Wisdom Foundation”. Through this foundation we have two offices, one in Bangkok and the other in Mae Sot. Through The Wisdom Foundation we can do more outreach in the communities, get into Schools and Universities, along with having more freedom to share the Gospel.
  1. International Bible Church Thailand (IBCT)
  2. The Wisdom Foundation (Duang Punya Foundation – two locations)
  3. Asain Community Church (ACC – In Mae Sot at The Wisdom Foundation)
  4. Karen College (In the Karen State)
  5. Wisdom Prep School (At IBCT separate from The Wisdom Foundation)

Main Activities:

  • Activities at IBCT:
    • Sunday Service at church beginning with morning prayer every Sunday morning, followed by Sunday School Classes, Worship Services, and fellowship afterwards
    • English Church Service followed by teaching English with the Bible
    • Midweek Service
    • Friday Youth Night of worship and prayer
    • Once a month all night prayer
    • IBCT Yearly Camp for believers

  • The Wisdom Foundation

    • Home visits to pray with the people and encourage them in the Lord
    • Teaching in Universities (SPU & RBAC)
    • Children’s Community Outreach (going to the poor children)
    • Teaching in Elementary Schools three times a week (In Bangkok & Mae Sot)
    • Have Bible studies at the Colleges to build relationships (also one on one)
    • Children’s Program every Saturday at The Wisdom Foundation in Mae Sot
    • English Camp twice a year (both with students

Interesting Facts:

  • Our country speaks Thai
  • Spicy food is the norm along with fermented fish as the sauce
  • One of our customs is we have to take our shoes off to enter houses or a Temples
  • Thai people love to smile and welcome people into their homes

Some of the feasts in our country include:

  • New Year
  • Water Festival (also called Songkran)
  • Loy Krathong Festival (Wishing Lights Holiday)
  • Celebrating the King and Queen’s birthdays

  • To increase the influence of IBCT in Thailand
  • To grow the College Ministry
  • To continue reaching our neighbors for Christ
  • For students to come to Wisdom Prep School
  • For Interns to come serve and teach English with God’s Word
  • Teachers for the Karen College

To complete these ministries and to fulfill them properly, we need the support and funds from Christians who share the same vision and passion to see souls saved as we do. It’s hard in a country where 94.6% are Buddhist, 4.3% are Muslim, and only 1% Christian to gain support. Please pray and believe with us as God will meet and supply our needs.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for the International Bible Church Thailand leadership team to trust God to live for Him spiritually and physically living on donations
  • Pray that the partnership with the Church family will continue to grow stronger
  • Pray that God will draw people’s hearts to Him through our outreach events, teaching, and visits to come to Him
  • Pray that the Church will grow with new believers and the other believers will remain Pray for Christians in our Church to grow in their faith and understanding, to keep coming to Church, and to be faithful in Bible Study