7 Projects Ministries


    • Amnatcharoen Province of Northeastern Thailand

Main Activities: 

    • Ministry through teaching English to the rural area kids
      • Provide an English program and to empower students and strengthen them in English, ethics and socially
      • Teach them the Bible
      • Teach them the Gospel
      • Empower them and strengthen them through teaching English, through games, songs and music in school
      • Strengthen teenagers in community through English and music on Saturdays
      • Home church / Cell group at the Foundation Center on Sundays and Wednesdays
      • Home visiting in community area and city area on Fridays-Saturdays
      • Join with Amnatcharoen Shelter for Children and Families and Subdistricts Administrative Organization in 3-10 districts. In the future, we hope to reach out to more depending on team and funds


      • The purpose of 7 Projects Ministries is to provide opportunities for all ages to develop Christ-like character through English – teaching, games, sports, music, and programs. These different kinds of movement programs provide a fun family environment where everyone can enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions.


      • In the Northeastern part of Thailand, the prominent religion is Buddhist. The people in the villages are devout and frequent the temples to worship their gods. If someone would choose to become Christian, they most likely will be rejected by their families and their community. Our culture places high importance on respect and it would be considered disrespectful to go against your family. This is difficult for new believers because a lot of them depend on their families for support and they have a lot of fear and uncertainty.
      • Very few Thai people have heard about Jesus and their hearts are very closed off when talking about Jesus or Christianity.
      • In Thailand, in order to do a project in the schools you need to have a degree in teaching. So, the plan is to earn my Master’s degree in English Education at Essex University, United Kingdom which will take one year.


      • To build a sustainable ministry
      • Establish an English Center/ School in my home village
      • To have a training center to teach English / Bible Seminars / Worship & Prayer Center / Primary Schools (to teach mainly English and Bible classes for grades 1 – 6 )

Prayer Requests: 

      • Pray for souls to be saved through this ministry
      • Pray that the students will be well educated in English and God’s Word
      • Pray for new leaders and workers to join the ministry
      • Pray for good connections with village leaders, government officials, and school principals
      • Pray for wisdom and strength
      • Pray for financial support especially within families
      • Pray for the ability for Jennie to further study English in a professional program
      • Pray for Jennie as she’s furthering her Bible knowledge – she finished her first semester at the Bangkok Bible Seminary, but then had to put it on hold due to lack of funding.

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Contact Info: Jennie Suwakrai

Email: jenniepassioneng@gmail.com

      • WhatsApp: +66 92-541-9703
      • Facebook: Passionenglish Bankru Jennie