Wycliffe Central Asia


  • Central Asia

Main Activities: 

    • Bible translation, distribution, and sharing.


    • To know Christ and to make Him known among these people groups.

Interesting Facts:

    • On several holidays, people dress in their finest clothes and go to visit all of their acquaintances, spending a few minutes in each home to drink tea and have a snack.
    Men engage in soccer, volleyball, karate, and cricket.


      • Poverty, centuries without access to the Gospel, ethnic strife, daily struggle to survive, lack of access to basic resources and health facilities.


      • That every single person would be able to hear, read, watch, and/or experience the Good News about Jesus in the language they understand best. That strong, loving groups of believers would form and support one another.


      • Daily grace, daily diligence, daily control of the Spirit.

Prayer Requests: 

      • Pray for insight and creativity for decisions about important Scripture terms, development of websites for distribution, and production of original indigenous Scripture videos.
      • Pray also for diligence and caution during the many checking procedures that need to be completed this year: Spell checking, punctuation checking, comprehension testing, reading through materials, and producing print, video, and audio versions.

Contact Info: 

Email: dacat@wbt.org

Website: http://www.wycliffe.org/Partnership.aspx?mid=E61E57