TransFORM Business Conference 2021

March 6-7, 2021


$150 per room – First Time Attendee

$285 per room – Veteran Attendee

Join us for a weekend away to seek the Lord on how to grow your business from a spiritual perspective. Listen to other Kingdom minded business people on how to bring about deep change that will benefit your business and everyone attached to it. Great food, great accommodation, great fellowship and great table discussions! We would love for your spouse to join us for this event!

Please take in everything Amish Country has to offer by visiting their Chamber of Commerce.

WhereBerlin Encore 4363 State Route 39 Berlin Ohio 44610

This year’s theme: Building a business that outlasts you.

“The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.” William James


– Jon Horn, Human Resources Expert, President of One Plus God, and Pastor of New Hampshire Community Church.

– Kristine Reed, Lawyer of One Plus God, wife, mother and woman of God. Read Kristine’s bio Here.

– Kelly Schackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute, the largest organization in America fighting for religious freedom. (Video speaker) Read Kelly’s bio Here.

– Wynand de Wet (aka Pastor Wayne), Executive Director and Founder of One Plus God.

Sessions: Each speaker will give adequate time for Q & A, and sessions will include group discussions and meaningful input by Godly business men and women. Each session promises to enrich your understanding of Godly business principles that we believe will continue to TRANSFORM your business into God’s purpose for it.



1pm – 3pm – Jon Horn: “Leadership in the Workplace”. Receive a toolkit with great leadership skills, that will benefit yourself and your employees. Followed by group discussions and meaningful input by business men and women.

3pm – 5pm – Kelly Schackelford (video speaker): “Religion in the Workplace”. Receive important guidelines on how we can speak freely about our faith, within the guidelines of the law.

5pm – 6pm – Free Time

6pm – Dinner

7pm – Show ABBA MANIA – The True ABBA Experience!


8am – Breakfast

9am – 11am – Kristine Reed leads sessions on “Generous Giving and Taxes” and “Giving that Outlasts my Life.”

11am – 12pm – Concluding Thoughts

12pm – Lunch

1pm – Depart

*Please note if you would like to stay Friday night to enjoy Amish Country before we start on Saturday at 1pm please contact Sara Glenn: to arrange it.

Jon Horn

Kristine Reed

Kelly Shackelford

Wynand de Wet

$150 per room