Tami Shobe


Tami’s story began when she became a Christian at Lakeside church camp when she was in high school. She soon met and married her hubby, whom shared her love for kids. They started foster care before they had our own children and did this for 28 years. In the meantime, they had 6 beautiful kids of their own.


Tami always felt the Lord pulling her to do more, so she became a host family for Healing the Children about 15 years ago. This was an organization, Children’s Medical Missions. They have been spreading Jesus love of his children for 13 years. It has been a wonderful opportunity to be a witness and light. The families of these children cannot believe a stranger would do this for their child.

All host parents are Christians and take the children to church each Sunday. They all go home with a Bible in their language. A lot of the families are Muslim, and we have had several fathers give there hearts to the Lord. One 6 foot Muslim man fell down on his knees at the airport as his daughter was returned to him in good health. He said,”I want to serve the God that you serve, that you would do this for my daughter!”

What a blessing!