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Papua 2021

June 8-21, 2021

By the grace of God – some incredible work done in Papua include:

      • Bibles being translated for the first time ever in new languages.
      • Entire people groups being transformed by Life in Christ.
      • Pilots flying Bibles, missionaries, food, and supplies to some of the most remote areas in the world.
      • Bible translators and missionaries are constantly reaching out to hundreds of people groups who have never been introduced to salvation in Christ before, simply because no one can speak their language…yet…to share the Good News with them!

When in Papua you can expect to:

      • Spend quality time with Bible translators, and experience first hand what is involved to translate the Bible for the first time ever into a new language!
      • Fly with missionary pilots and see the beautiful landscape of Papua from views that will take your breath away.
      • Enjoy the fellowship of missionary families, who literally put their lives on the line for the sake of the Gospel.
      • Be exposed to the very different culture of the Indonesian people, and their tribal believes and ways of life.
      • Experience worship in a typical Papuan style!

Important detail:

    • Date: June 8-21, 2021.
    • Cost: $3,300 from Chicago, IL. Cost could vary when joining us from elsewhere in the States, or in the world. You are most welcome to contact us requesting a quote, tailor made to your travel needs.
    • Included: air tickets, guesthouse accommodation, transportation in Papua, meals, purified water, ministry expenses, trip insurance, and some awesome One Plus God merchandise.
    • Excluded: Transportation to and from Chicago, meals at airports, snacks, extra drinks, and souvenirs.
    • Non-refundable deposit of $300 ensures registration.
    • Fundraising: Within 3 business days of registration you will receive a link to an online giving page, which you can use to send to family, friends and businesses to help you raise the necessary funds for your trip fee.
    • Questions: info@oneplusgod.org
    • More detail will follow as we get closer to the trip.