One Plus God Ministries COVID-19 Policy 

One Plus God Ministries is terribly sad to announce that all our summer mission trips have been postponed due to COVID-19. We are heartbroken for our team members, our missionaries, and our OPG family overall. We are working hard to reschedule all our trips for 2021 and praying that God will continue to strengthen, guide and bless us all!

Due to the nature of COVID-19, we wanted to release a statement of the guidelines we have put in place to maintain the health and safety of our OPG family for local events and retreats. As we attempt to proceed with our events and retreats, we will practice social distancing. We also ask that attendees do not shake hands or give hugs in order to prevent the spreading of germs. We will have hand sanitizer available at all events, and individuals can choose to wear masks or not based on their personal comfort. We are only partnering with venues who can accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, and have worked towards implementing the necessary health safety requirements. We will faithfully follow the requirements of all such venues, and if there are specific guidelines to adhere to we will communicate those with you ahead of your event/retreat.